Candy Crush Saga Level 4

Candy Crush Saga Level 4


Candy Crush Saga Level 4 Help

Stay tuned for a full text walkthrough with screenshots to help you beat this challenging Candy Crush level. If the gameplay video above doesn’t help you pass this level, here are some general Candy Crush tips that you should apply to every level in the game.

Special candy matches are always better than three candy matches.
4 candies = 1 striped candy
5 candies = 1 color bomb
5 candies in an L or T shape = 1 wrapped candy
Special candy combos will always have a greater effect than activating special candies by themselves. There are six different special candy combinations:
Striped candy + striped candy = clears an entire row and column
Striped candy + wrapped candy = clears 3 rows and 3 columns
Striped candy + color bomb = turns every candy the same color of the striped candy into an activated striped candy
Wrapped candy + wrapped candy = creates an explosion that goes off twice, each time clearing an 8×8 area of candies
Wrapped candy + color bomb = clears every candy the same color of the wrapped candy and then clears the most populated color
Color bomb + color bomb = clears the whole board
You can get unlimited lives for free by setting your clock ahead 2.5 hours to get a full set of 5 lives. Follow these directions on how to get free lives in Candy Crush.
In every type of level other than timed levels, you can reset your board if you don’t like the opening moves. Just go back to the main menu before making any moves and reopen the level.


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